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Customer Service

Trade Rules

• Only original Callaway Golf, Odyssey or Toulon brands in full working order will be accepted.
• Iron sets must include 5 consecutive irons, one which must be a PW, with all irons within the set meeting minimum conditions.

Unacceptable Conditions:

The following defects will automatically disqualify any club from being accepted for a trade in.

Non-factory alterations

Dented Club Heads

Cracked or missing ferrule

Clubs that Rattle

Irons with Rock Chips

Iron Sets with non-matching shafts

Clubs with rusted heads or shafts (With exception to raw club heads that are manufactured and sold that way)

Deductible Conditions:

Clubs with the following characteristics may be accepted with a deduction, at the discretion of Callaway Golf Europe.

Bag wear or shaft burn
£8.00 Deduction for Minor Damage
£25.00 Deduction for Major Damage
Iron Sets:
£8.00 Deduction per club for Minor Damage
50% Deduction off set value for Major Damage

Non-factory installed shafts
£25.00 Deduction for Graphite Shafts
£15.00 Deduction for Steel Shafts
Iron Sets:
50% Deduction off set value for Graphite Shafts/Steel Shafts

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