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Trade In
Take advantage of our Trade In Program and turn in your old clubs for a credit toward the purchase of new clubs.
How It Works

1. Does Your Trade Qualify?

2. Add Trade to Cart
Your cart must be a positive amount at checkout.

3. Send Trade In
Place our shipping label or print your confirmation number on the box.

4. Receive Credit
Your trade value will be refunded against your original payment.
Select Your Trade

Trade Rules

• Only original Callaway Golf, Odyssey or Toulon brands in full working order will be accepted.
• Iron sets must include 5 consecutive irons, one which must be a PW, with all irons within the set meeting minimum conditions.

Unacceptable Conditions:

The following defects will automatically disqualify any club from being accepted for a trade in.

Non-factory alterations

Dented Club Heads

Cracked or missing ferrule

Clubs that Rattle

Irons with Rock Chips

Iron Sets with non-matching shafts

Clubs with rusted heads or shafts (With exception to raw club heads that are manufactured and sold that way)

Deductible Conditions:

Clubs with the following characteristics may be accepted with a deduction, at the discretion of Callaway Golf Europe.

Bag wear or shaft burn
£8.00 Deduction for Minor Damage
£25.00 Deduction for Major Damage
Iron Sets:
£8.00 Deduction per club for Minor Damage
50% Deduction off set value for Major Damage

Non-factory installed shafts
£25.00 Deduction for Graphite Shafts
£15.00 Deduction for Steel Shafts
Iron Sets:
50% Deduction off set value for Graphite Shafts/Steel Shafts

View Full Trade Rules

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